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SpaceRail Marble Run STEM Building Toy - 7.1

SpaceRail Marble Run STEM Building Toy - 7.1

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Unleash your inner thrill-seeker with SpaceRails! This cutting-edge STEM toy will ignite your creativity, no matter your age. Once you master it, let your imagination run wild and build your own daring designs.

Level 7 set is the tallest Spacerails set with a 10 loop horizontal helix that will send your marble into warp drive!

Level 7 includes:
• 10 Loop Horizontal Helix
• 3 Elevators
• And More!

Steel Marbles Included: 8

Recommended Age: 8+

Approximate Build Time: 20-34 Hours

Assembled Dimensions: 40”L x 24”W x 30”H

Assembly Instructions

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